JPEG Image Resampling Tool

Resample Option

For e-store products and category images:
→ use 250x250 for most, or if original image is small
→ use 350x350 for more detailed images to be enlarged
→ use 450x450 for equipment and detailed images
For Kijiji or emailing to clients (same aspect ratio):
→ use 400px or 500px (longest dimension) for Kijiji posting
→ use 600px or 800px (longest dimension) for clients

Background Colour

For resizing to a square canvas (e-store images)
optionally add a colour for the padded background:

Resample horiz w/ square background Resample vert w/ square background

Choose Image

Select JPG images only.

Note: Image filesize must be less than 6 MB
(for example, a 6000 x 4000 pixel image may be too large
- in this case retake the picture at a lower resolution)