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Product listing for "Towing & Hitches - - Electric Controller"

(3 parts)
Product#DescriptionPriceImageAdd to CartAvail. for pickup
51130 Reflex brake controller. Dual-axis motion sensing accelerometer for smooth stops. Self-levelling and simple push-button calibration. Automatically adjusts brake output when going up or down a hill. Digital display. Adjustable power output. Compatiable with anti-lock brakes and cruise control. Operat120.0051130
81725 Hayes Synchronizer. Timed based electronic trailer brake controller. Recommended for light duty trailers with 2 or 4 electric brakes. Safest time based controller available.70.0081725
9030 Tekonsha Voyager Brake Controller. Handles up to 1-4 axles. inertia activated. Proportional Braking System.90.009030