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Product listing for "Trailer Parts - Trailer Other - Chain"

(5 parts)
Product#DescriptionPriceImageAdd to CartAvail. for pickup
38CGRD4331 3/8 chain Grade 43 31"8.7538CGRD4331
38CTW 3/8 Twin Clevis link8.2538CTW
81550 Heat treated, forged steel clevis hook 5/16" Diameter with 3/4" opening size. Safety hook with latch grade 43. 14000 lb GTW9.5081550
81560 3/8 Hook Grade 43 18,000lb GTW opening size 1"7.5081560
BSC3835 CHAIN,SAFETY 3/8"X35" W/FORGE CLEVIS SLIPHOOK,ZINC,15M LBS. Capacity 15,000 lbs. Coil 43 Proof19.50BSC3835